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The Alliance works in tandem with the Charleston County Medical Society to promote health education, identify and address health care needs and issues in the community, and support health-related charitable endeavors in the lowcountry. In addition, CCMSA strives to advance legislative education and lead legislative advocacy as it relates to the medical arena.

From the Presidents

July 21, 2014

Dear Alliance Members,

As a past North Carolina (NC) State Alliance President and AMA Board Member, I am honored to serve alongside Janelle Othersen this year as Co-President of CCMS. After meeting Janelle at a recent state meeting in Greenville, I was obliged to take on this challenge she offered and continue the legacy of the South Carolina (SC) Chapter. I was particularly impressed with your ongoing support of service projects, such as the Back Pack and “Commit to Fit” programs for underprivileged children, both of which deserve national recognition and additional local support. 

In my new role, I will continue these efforts but also want to bring a renewed focus on the family of medicine. For example, the Sunshine Program is a fundamental support system that should be fostered especially as our community grows and different needs arise, whether positive or negative. Fellowship amongst members can be even stronger and we hope that these support groups, social gatherings, and events will enable this to happen. Thinking ahead to March 11, 2015, Holly Anderson, a past President of the SC Alliance, will speak on the topic of Medical Marriage. Holly spoke on this topic before during my time on the NC Alliance, and it was commended and well attended by members. I have made many lifelong friends across the nation through these avenues and am proud to be a part of an organization that brings people together to build healthier communities where we live through advocacy and action.

To kick off a new year of support in our community, please mark your calendars for September 17th. We will be hosting a coffee meeting to re-connect everyone after summer ends and I look forward to meeting everyone. Also attached is our Alliance meeting schedule* and membership form if needed.

Thank you for your continued support of the Alliance!


Anne Kahn



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